MaxBet 46th Fruška Gora Marathon

Novi Sad, 22 and 23 April, 2023 – This weekend, the MaxBet 46th Fruška Gora Marathon was held on Fruška Gora, one of the oldest and most prestigious marathons in Serbia. This year’s marathon brought together more than 10,000 runners from Serbia, and participants also included marathoners from 19 countries around the world.

MaxBet proudly supported this sporting event as part of its strategic commitment to sports and recreation, as evidenced by the participation of 300 company employees in the marathon.

“The Fruška Gora Marathon is not just a sporting event but also an opportunity for people to gather, socialize, spend time in nature, and cheer together. By attending such events, we provide support to the community and raise awareness about the importance of recreational sports, which directly impacts our health and quality of life. Our intention is to continue supporting the Fruška Gora Marathon in the years to come,” said Stefan Todorović, HR Director at MaxBet and a marathon participant, during the marathon’s opening ceremony.

At the festive opening of the marathon, Iso Planić, President of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia, and Jelena Marinković Radomirović, President of the Assembly of the City of Novi Sad, addressed the participants, with the latter also officially inaugurating the marathon.

The MaxBet Fruška Gora Marathon is traditionally held every year and is the largest event of its kind in Vojvodina, attracting an increasing number of participants from both Serbia and abroad each year.

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