Life is a Game – Play Responsibly

Betting for the purpose of entertainment and fun is responsible gambling. A conscious approach to games of chance, in which individuals take responsibility for their actions and behavior, is one of the key factors in responsible gambling.

This involves setting individual limits on gambling and adhering to those limitations. It is extremely important for the player to always monitor their financial capabilities and not spend more money than they can afford. This can be easily achieved by defining a budget before entering the betting establishment and strictly adhering to that budget.

Additionally, it is important to avoid gambling when the player is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as this can negatively affect their decisions and lead to impulsive behavior. Players must be aware that games of chance are not a guaranteed way to make a profit, and there is always a chance of losing money. If a player is unable to adhere to these recommendations, they should seek professional help.

Prevention: are you approaching gambling responsibly?

Responsible gambling programs primarily involve prevention and their goal is to ensure that users enjoy games of chance responsibly as a form of entertainment.

Responsible gambling entails a conscious approach to games of chance, familiarity with the rules of the games, setting a budget for this form of entertainment, monitoring one’s financial capabilities, and avoiding alcohol and drugs while gambling.

However, there are individuals who may not be able to adhere to these recommendations, and games of chance can have a harmful impact on them. If you recognize yourself in this statement or become concerned about your approach to gambling, it is advisable to conduct a self-assessment of your activities, complete the following questionnaire, and based on honest answers, determine whether you have a problem or not.

Self-assessment test:

Answering the following questions may be difficult for some individuals, but it is a necessary step in preventing the risk of harm caused by gambling. Please honestly indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements, using the provided yes/no responses:

1. Gambling games are a form of entertainment for me
Yes No
2. I do not see gambling games as a source of income
Yes No
3. I only spend as much money on gambling as I can afford to lose
Yes No
4. The money I have spent on this form of entertainment does not disrupt my daily life
Yes No
5. I never try to recover spent money by continuously playing gambling games in the hope of making up for it
Yes No
6. Gambling games are not my sole source of entertainment in life
Yes No
7. I never postpone other responsibilities to have more time for gambling games
Yes No
8. I never borrow money to spend it on gambling games
Yes No

If all your answers are affirmative (yes) – you do not have a gambling addiction problem. If you have only one negative answer (no) – you can either complete an additional self-assessment test to be sure of your result or seek professional help. If you have more than one negative answer (no) – it is necessary to seek professional help immediately.

Additional self-assessment test:

1. When I lose money in gambling games, it’s hard for me to stop betting
Yes No
2. Osećam krivicu zbog količine novca koju sam potrošio na igre na sreću
Yes No
3. Vreme i novac koji trošim na igre na sreću loše utiču na moj život
Yes No
4. Teško mi je da presanem da razmišljam o igrama na sreću
Yes No
5. Da bi osetio uzbuđenje moram da se kladim na velike iznose
Yes No
6. Igre na sreću su za mene više od zabave, one su moj izvor zarade
Yes No

If you have one or more positive answers – it is essential to seek professional help.

Contact for professional help:

Special Hospital for Addiction –
Address: Teodora Drajzera 44, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 3671 429

Agos – Association of Gaming Operators of Serbia