CSR activities

Santa Max: New Year humanitarian gifts for the youngest

The New Year and Christmas holidays are a favourite part of every childhood. Maxbet’s Santa Max knows this very well, and that’s why he visits children during the holiday season who need special attention to make them feel at least a little bit of holiday magic.

On winter days, he brings joy to children at the Institute for Mother and Child in Belgrade, children at the Institute for Health Care of Children and Youth in Novi Sad, as well as children at the Children’s Shelter in Belgrade. He gives them gifts with sweets and children’s books so that, despite the challenges life has placed before them, they will remember the holiday season for its love, warmth, and laughter.

In addition to the aforementioned institutions with which we traditionally collaborate, Santa Max also delighted the families of the first 10 newborns at the maternity ward in Pančevo with special gifts. He also visited the Center for Placement and Day Care of Children and Youth with Developmental Disorders. He brought them gifts, and they delighted him with their joint artistic work.

Wholeheartedly: Humanitarian Guerrilla

Solidarity and social responsibility are an integral part of MaxBet’s corporate culture. That’s why we have formed our own humanitarian guerrilla entitled “Wholeheartedly,” which provides humanitarian aid to one institution in Serbia every month.

Initially, we chose institutions based on the suggestions of our employees. As the initiative gained momentum and word spread about our humanitarian guerrilla and the results of our work, institutions started reaching out to us with inquiries and specific donation proposals.

Within the framework of this guerrilla campaign, we have successfully carried out over 100 donations across Serbia. Among the institutions that our “Wholeheartedly” campaign has brought joy to are the Institution for the accommodation of children with special needs “Pčelica” in Subotica, Petefi brigada Elementary School in Kula, Children’s Hospital in Novi Sad, 9. maj Elementary and High School in Zrenjanin, Home for Children and Youth with Disabilities in Veternik, Maternity Ward in Pančevo, Institute for Mother and Child in Belgrade, University Clinical Center Kragujevac, Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired from Kruševac, Mladost School for Elementary and Secondary Education in Pirot, Pediatric Oncology in Niš, and many others.

Only through active solidarity and helping others can we truly speak of success and progress. That’s why our humanitarian guerrilla continues to thrive and month by month, it assists those who need help the most.

Life is Blood

The first blood donation drive in our company was organized in June 2017 in Novi Sad. The Blood Transfusion Institute of Vojvodina and the Red Cross of Novi Sad estimated at the time that the expected number of donors could be 25, considering that it was the first time we organized such an event. However, we managed to surprise them – 89 MaxBet employees participated in the drive, and 68 of them successfully donated blood.

Such a fantastic response gave us the motivation to start the initiative called “Life is Blood” and seriously commit to this noble cause. Since then, every spring and autumn, we organize four blood donation drives in our regional centres: Belgrade, Niš, Kruševac, and Novi Sad. We have successfully organized 50 blood drives with the participation of as many as 25% of MaxBet employees, and we take great pride in this achievement. Not only did a quarter of our employees successfully donate blood, but we are also proud of the fact that we have collected more than 2,800 units of blood together, actively contributing to saving 8,400 human lives.

We believe that this is just the beginning, and we are determined to continue this campaign as an example of both good initiatives and perseverance in it.