Premium shops

For a premium experience, there are premium shops. MaxBet premium shops are located in our regional centers:

  • MaxArena in Novi Sad
    Bulevar Oslobođenja 129
  • MaxBet Sport caffe in Belgrade
    Kolarčeva 1
  • Maršal in Niš
    Nikole Pašića 28

Each of these shops covers over 1,000 square meters and represents the top segment of our offer. These stores make up the majority of what we have to offer and each one is over 1,000 square meters. The entertainment concept is at its highest level in premium shops, so in addition to the primary service in the area of games of chance, there is an exclusive selection of food and beverages, as well as entertainment like musical performances, stand-up comedian guests, setting up sports quizzes, and many other events. Major sporting events are frequently accompanied by additional benefits for gamers because supporting your favorite team in these shops also takes on a premium dimension.