MaxBet Donates EKG Machine to Children’s Hospital in Novi Sad

Novi Sad, 6 April – MaxBet paid a visit to the Children’s Hospital in Novi Sad today and donated an EKG machine to the Pediatric Clinic.

“I would like to express our gratitude, on behalf of the Pediatric Clinic of the Children’s Hospital in Novi Sad, to MaxBet for the valuable and, above all, useful donation of the EKG machine. This machine will be of great significance in our daily work with the youngest patients. Until now, children had to be transported to another part of the hospital for this examination, but now they will be able to undergo the examination in the department where they are being treated for their primary illness. This will contribute to the greater comfort of the patients and facilitate the work of us healthcare professionals,” emphasized Dr. Andrea Đuretić, the PR representative of the institute.

Socially responsible business practices are one of the key focuses of MaxBet, and our ambition is for it to become our hallmark through numerous successfully executed humanitarian activities.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to donate an EKG machine to the Children’s Hospital today and, through such concrete assistance, contribute to improving the quality of life in our country. We are confident that the EKG machine will assist doctors and medical staff in faster and more accurate diagnosis of heart diseases in children, enabling the early treatment of cardiac conditions,” said Borislav Drvendžija, the regional director of MaxBet.

In addition to various forms of assistance to hospitals, MaxBet has been successfully conducting a voluntary blood drive called “Life is Blood” across Serbia for the past five years, involving 25 percent of the company’s employees in 46 organized actions.

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