Employee benefits at MaxBet

Innovative technologies

MaxBet is constantly developing and implementing innovative software that contributes to the automation of various business processes and functions, significantly easing the workload for employees and leading to increased efficiency and productivity. New technologies also enable easier access to the information necessary for business management, contributing to a better understanding of business processes and making better decisions.

All of these innovations demonstrate that MaxBet is striving for continuous improvement of its operations and recognizes the importance of using the latest technologies to increase efficiency and productivity.

Pet friendly

Working at MaxBet offers a range of benefits, one of which is the opportunity for employees to bring their pets to work. This practice is not only beneficial for employees who greatly appreciate not having to leave their pets alone at home, but it also helps create a positive work atmosphere and reduces stress. Furthermore, the presence of pets in the workplace can improve interpersonal relationships and promote a sense of unity in the work environment.

Opportunities for development and advancement

MaxBet is a company that values its employees and recognizes the importance of their growth and development. In order to ensure the progress of each individual, the company offers various education programs, training, and mentoring. In this way, employees have the opportunity to improve their skills and acquire new knowledge that will help them in their future careers.

Furthermore, the company provides the opportunity to take on greater responsibilities and advance in one’s career, which significantly contributes to employee motivation and satisfaction. All of these initiatives demonstrate that MaxBet cares about its employees and invests in their development to ensure a successful and sustainable future for everyone in the company.

Open communication

At MaxBet, special attention is given to open and transparent communication among employees. Regular meetings are held to inform employees about company news, but it also allows employees to share their ideas and suggestions. This creates an atmosphere where every contribution is valued, and employees feel included and motivated to give their best.

Hybrid work

We want our people to be satisfied, just as much as we want them to be productive. That's why we offer the possibility of a combination of office and remote work.

Flexible working hours

We respect the personal lives of MaxBet employees, and therefore, we allow them to adjust their work hours to accommodate other life commitments.

Private health insurance

We cover the costs of private health insurance and medical treatments of up to 1000 euros, along with an annual check-up that includes seven of the most requested specialist examinations.

Real advancement opportunities

It's important to us that our employees are truly satisfied with their careers. That's why we have a developed support system that empowers them to grow, progress, and move towards leadership positions.

Paid training

We always encourage the desire for learning and advancement. We are ready to listen to the professional aspirations of our people and actively participate in achieving those goals.

Team building

Just like in everything else, we go the extra mile here and create exciting, adrenaline-pumping gatherings that are long remembered and cherished.

Discover career opportunities

Explore currently open positions in our company in the markets of Serbia, Republika Srpska, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.